So we know this is on the young end of young in terms of the kinds of people who are usually involved with Scissors Paper Pen, but we thought you ought to know that next week, writers Gabrielle Lord and local Author Jack Heath will be launching the Boundless: Festival of Children’s Literature at the Bongong Theatre, Gorman House. Tickets are next to nothing, and the ACT Writers Centre are running a short fiction competition to celebrate their hosting the keynote speech.

The University of Canberra, in partnership with the Lu Rees ArchivesLibraries ACTACT Writers Centre, the National Library of Australia and The Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT Branch, will host the festival, and Gabrielle Lord’s speech will be about, ‘The Criminal Mind of the Writer’. We got to have a quick chat with Director of the festival, Belle Alderman, and pretty much all she did was rave about how great Lord is. ‘She gets kids reading who don’t really read.’ she started, adding that Lord’s children’s fiction series is ‘rivetingly fast reading’. ‘We’re going to launched Number 14 in the series during the festival, which is going to be really exciting.’ she said.

Here are some interesting things Alderman told us that we didn’t know about Gabrielle and her Conspiracy 365 series:

– In her 14th book of her series, the protagonist changes to a female character. No transgender activity, though. This is relatively-breaking news, because this particular book is yet to be launched.

– Some of the characters in her books have their own blogs in real-time.

– The books were translated to an episodic series on Foxtel.

If you’re a fan of Jack Heath’s (we know, first hand, that one time at the Melbourne Writers Festival he wore rave pants and goth boots and jumped up and down barefoot in the greenroom. These are valid reasons to be a fan of this kicking Canberran Author. FACTS.) or you’re itching to meet the Author of Death by Beauty and many other grown-up cri-fis, we’d really encourage you to turn up to the keynote speech on October 3rd. There’ll be book signings and sales, and we’ll absolutely be there. For more details, click on this here link.


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