As National Young Writers Festival falls upon each of us and soaks us into a state of lather, adrenalin and exhaustion (much like hail) we’d like to introduce to you over the course of the festival each of the artists and collectives who are appearing on our debate: Should I Stay or Should I Go (And Should I Come Back Later?)

Now, we do have a disclaimer here. For those of you who attended or heard about our hilarious debate at You Are Here festival, you’ll notice that our topic is almost exactly the same. This is entirely due to popular demand from the delightful festival directors.This means more exciting and original debates at the 2013 You Are Here festival (FACT) and laughs and interesting arguments from artists hailing regional areas in Australia at the 2012 National Young Writers Festival (FACT).

The NYWF programme is available here. We also have a table full of wonderful Canberra goodness being run by the excellent Duncan Felton and Tse-Yee Teh at the Sunday zine fair: go find them and invest in the work of CJ Bowerbird, Rafe Morris, Burley, publications by Blemish Books, and possibly even grab a copy of the At Arms Length zine we put together a few months back; we still have a few precious copies left… (The cover art is, in fact, the thumbnail image for this post, by the wonderful George Rose (FACT))


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