Today we embrace the process of meeting our interstate debaters for Sundays fisticuffs, titled, ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go (and should I come back later?)’ On TEAM GO, we have Western Australia’s storytelling collective, Barefaced Stories, comprised of two wonderful young ladies, Andrea and Kerry:

SPP: Where are you from?
Barefaced: Kerry grew up in Adelaide and Andrea in Donnybrook, a small country town in WA.  But have been proud to call Perth home since the late 90’s.

SPP Where did you go?
Barefaced: Andrea went to NYC to work with mentor and storyteller Margot Leitman.

SPP: What did you do in either place?
Barefaced: When Andrea returned from NYC, herself and Kerry O’Sullivan created Barefaced Stories in Perth in January 2011.  We’ve run workshops with international guests including Margot Lietman (UCB & Stripped Stories) and Brian Finkelstein (The Moth & Ellen) and had over 30 shows.

SPP: Stay, leave, return?
Barefaced: Stay, leave & return.  Do as much as you can and think big!


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