Meet Television Land Adventurer, Alex Neill — Team Go debater for our National Young Writers Festival word-brawl, tomorrow night at the Northern Hotel in Newcastle, from 6:30pm. Alex has also done incredible things including writing jokes for Good News Week and being an Ambassador for National Young Writers Month. She’s even eaten dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling House on Childers Street before. Alex will be one of our debaters on Team Stay: advocating that people from regional areas (which, for the purposes of the metropolotist people of TiNA, who are largely from Melbourne or Sydney, mean anywhere that isn’t Melbourne or Sydney, and yes, we shake our fists at this) should stay and decorate new artistic endeavours in their home towns.

We can’t wait to see what she has to say tomorrow, but until then…

SPP: Where are you from?
Alex Neill: I’m from Grafton.
SPP: Where did you go?
AN: I came to Newcastle.

SPP: What did you do in either place.
AN: I grew up in Grafton and I had a lot of good times there. I guess I got my start as a writer there despite the fact that it’s so far from anything. I moved to Newcastle for uni after coming here for TiNA and falling in love with the place.

SPP: Stay, leave, return?
AN: I guess I’m sort of both stay and leave. I left a country town and came to a city that firmly believes it’s a country town.

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