Scissors Paper Pen’s Writing, Orations, Random Discourses and Literature Advisories Bureau

WORDLAB is an SPP project that was heartily inaugurated for Art, Not Apart on Saturday 27th October.

EDIT: we did it again at Art, Not Apart III, on Saturday 16 March.

Throughout the day, SPP’s crack team of writers took requests from the public for myriad literary creations. We penned letters to Namibian, European and Canberran addresses; we typed haikus, limericks and fictions for people’s friends, partners and political representatives; we dispensed a lucky dip of other wordsy assortments and we hope others enjoyed it as half as much as we did.

Scissors Paper Pen would especially like to thank our WORDLAB writers:

Georgia Kartas, Erin McCullagh, Lucy Nelson, Varisht Gosain, Calum Reid, Melissa Wellham, Raphael Kabo, Bee Jay, Monica Carroll, Effie Dee and anyone else who popped in on the whole haphazard endeavour with a burst of inspiration or a slice of pizza.

We hope to do another WORDLAB soon, either at the next Art, Not Apart, or elsewhere.

If you were a commissioner or recipient of one of our missives, we’d love to hear from you, either in the comments, at writetoscissorspaperpen(at)gmail(dot)com or via other means.



Here was the original callout:

Roll up roll up, roll up your sleeves and your ballpoint. We want you!

We want you…yes you, humble word clowns, to share your literary juggling skills with the great unwashed, the crusty festival goers of Art Not Apart. Amaze them with your grammatical dexterity, your linguistic lubricant, your muscular paragraph structure. Be like the dancing poodle of the storytelling circus. You’ve got some great words inside, and the means to get them onto the page…unlike the rest of us poor plebs, left floundering in a sea of appellations, em dashes, metaphors and iambic pentameters. So share your skills dear friends, assist Canberra’s lowly wordslaves to tell their water cooler stories to the world, share those deeply buried nuggets of passion for that smoking hot payroll lady up on level 8. You can write letters, love poems, naughty rhymes, shopping lists, what ever your paying patron requires. It’s a writers circus, you write, they shower you with applause, pop corn and peanuts.

And how will it work ye ask? Well, with a little help from us here at SPP. We’ll supply the implements, the highwires and the hoops, the tiny car and the trapeze. Also pens, paper, a typewriter and….you’ll supply yourself for an hour or so, and there will be snacks and the chance to feel good about making art, together, not apart.

So tell us in 100 words what tricks you have in your writers sack, and we’ll let you know if we like your tricks. Send your fine words here: writetoscissorspaperpen(at)gmail(dot)com







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