You Are Here festival arrives later this week, and with it lands our four reviewers: a collection of talented women. These young writers host their own blogs, have written for ACT publications, work in television, tweet, and run their own events around Canberra. You’ll be able to find their reviews of YAH events during the festival on the Scissors Paper Pen blog and social media feeds, in BMA, and on the Express Media website, where the Melbourne offices are currently keeping coverage of fringe festivals across Australia. For now, meet our brilliant four: Canberra’s new young reviewers.

Georgia Kartas Georgia Kartas

When I was young I dreamt of becoming a wizard. This didn’t happen, so now I keep daydreaming by writing stories, two of which are appearing in the next instalments of Burley and Us Folk. I blog about two of my other interests (fashion and shiny things) at red magpie.

Lucy Nelson Lucy

Lucy is a writer, editor and carbohydrate enthusiast who spent her university years doing spinal rolls in a room full of people wearing Thai Fisherman pants. Once, her right hand starred in a game show hosted by sock puppets. Irritatingly, Lucy learned to play the ukulele after it was already trendy.

Alice McShane Alice

Alice is a graduate of The University of Melbourne and currently works in regional television. Having studied film and digital media, she eagerly anticipates their diverse appropriations throughout You Are Here. Reviewing for Scissors Paper Pen is a welcome expansion of her current portfolio of television commercials and film essays.

Elizabeth Abbott Elizabeth

Elizabeth writes essays and reviews that engage with pop culture and have written for a handful of websites reviewing things to do in Canberra. She consumes a lot of internet content: some people would say that she’s addicted, but she’s am not one of those people. You can follow her on twitter — @elizabethivy_ — if you enjoy non-fiction and occasional humour.


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