This year’s Papercuts callout went far further than we expected: while we were looking for only four reviewers, we couldn’t help but take on an extra two young writers. How’d we do it? Cas La Nevez and Ashley Goldburg have taken on the RiotACT. These two young writers will have their reviews posted exclusively on the Canberra website, which you can source through this link. With a tight 24hr turnover from event to web, already, their reviews are up and running.

Cas Le Nevez

Cas Le Nevez
Cas works full-time, studies part-time and spends inordinately large amounts of time bashing herself up at martial arts classes. In her downtime, she can be found cooking or curled up on the couch with an indie author’s labor of love. She blogs frequently and is working on her first novel.

Cas’s blog




Ashley Goldberg

Ashley is a mild mannered public servant and lawyer by day. By night he attempts to leap across literary rooftops and delve into the underbelly of the short fiction world. He has had work published by the University of Melbourne and RMIT and is looking to develop his reviewing powers at the You Are Here festival.


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