– by Elizabeth Abbott

Ribongia album cover

2013 is set to be a year of big things for electronic producer and DJ Ribongia (Antonio Rosselli) having kicked off the New Year with a set at Peats Ridge Festival, a new EP Play My Hits slated for release in May and pressing vinyl for the first time. Entering the music industry was an easy decision for Rosselli, whose interest in computer audio and playing music led him to study. “I found this audio-engineering course and I thought, what better way to put the two together?” Having also studied visual art Ribongia has a diverse artistic skill set that he puts to use in combined audio/visual shows. “It’s basically a mish-mash of visual art, motion graphics and original film clip content cut to my song.”

Ribongia doesn’t get too serious when it comes to his music, saying of the industry “There’s a lot of attitude and it gets a bit tiring. The humour breaks it down a bit and makes it a bit more human”. This cheery laissez-faire attitude has served him well, with the quirky clip of his Michael Jackson tribute song garnering over 150,000 views on Youtube. He’s no stranger to the wilder side of the music scene either, at one performance in Italy “We had eleven acts in this tiny little DJ booth…so it was nuts. There were police out the front because there were too many people and cars couldn’t drive past.” However, the crowd interest in music in Italy doesn’t necessarily translate to better conditions for the artists: “There’s no grassroots culture. There are more people but less venues and less money invested.”

The creative process is amorphous to Rosselli, “When I write I don’t really have anything in mind. The brain is a sponge for ideas and you get all this stuff and spit it out the other end and you don’t know why or how.” His love of music is apparent through his collaborative approach to the industry. His collaboration Idea Idea with Lanie Lane produced an original sound contrasting Lane’s breathy vintage vocals with Ribongia’s electronic tunes.

Success is a group venture for Rosselli: if he’s going to the top he wants to take everyone else with him. “The philosophy behind doing remixes was partly because I have the connection with Europe: I get stuff played over there… so I thought it would be cool to showcase Australian artists via my music.” It comes as no surprise then that this collaborative streak is borne of a musical “addiction”. “You get the vibe for it and you just can’t shake it.” 

Ribongia has a 7-track EP Play My Hits coming out in 2013 with the first single released mid-April and launches to be held in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. His music is regularly uploaded to Soundcloud and you can support the release of his new EP on Pozible


Elizabeth has previously published reviews of bars, nightclubs and art exhibitions online. She currently writes reviews and essays for TheSemicircle.wordpress.com and tweets from @elizabethivy_



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