– by Elizabeth Abbott

(Photo credit: Adam Thomas)

If there ever was a perfect moment to indulge in your hallucinogenic of choice, it was Friday night at Hyperbowl. It was an eve of the audio/visual at Lonsdale Street Traders, with enigmatic live performances from some of the most talented folks in the business including Cold House and Danny Wild. It was a relaxed affair, with free coffee provided on arrival, alcoholic beverages welcomed and a lingering scent of jazz cigarettes in the warehouse space. The evening proved that if 2012 was the Year of the DJ, then 2013 is the Year of the A/V Show. Except, thus far, there appears to be palpably more talent in the A/V medium than shown by the Top 40-pushing DJs whose only skill is the fade-out/fade-in between songs.

At Hyperbowl hyper-real visuals and overwhelming audio combined to make a sublime and supreme experience of reality for the audience. Basically, it was a collective mindfuck. It felt like pure insanity as the night wore on and the music swelled to a crescendo becoming increasingly robotic and mechanised. One of the most interesting revelations was that one of the visual components presented (a scene of people trashing a public bathroom) was actually occurring live in the Lonsdale Street Traders restroom. This may have been obvious to everyone else, but this sudden realisation for myself halfway through the show threw me way off balance. So too with the realisation that one of the performers was using a Playstation controller for the audio component rather than a conventional laptop setup. Following these moments of clarity, the evening escalated into orchestrated chaos – toilet paper was hurled at the crowd and bright lights shone into their faces as we became confronted with a very ugly reality.

With what seemed like a horde of individuals participating to make the show a success, Hyperbowl did not sell itself short as an amazing collaboration between some very talented young people.


Elizabeth has previously published reviews of bars, nightclubs and art exhibitions online. She currently writes reviews and essays for TheSemicircle.wordpress.com and tweets from @elizabethivy_


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