National Young Writers Month hits this June, and while this is formally a month to celebrate writers under the age of 25, we’d rather make it a month to celebrate writers under the age of 30. Even better, we answer to no one else in Canberra, or nationally, and we don’t function thanks to government funding, so I guess we made a new rule: National Young Writers Month is about writers under 30.

It’s important we outline this, because Scissors Paper Pen are producing an annual anthological zine of flash fiction, illustrations, mini-essays, and short poems in conjunction with the cyclical appearance of June and the celebrations therein. It’ll be hand-bound, beautifully printed, exquisitely designed, and launched post-June. So you have all of NYWM to craft us a little something or five.

It costs nothing to submit your work. We just ask that you hail from the Canberra region. Where do we draw the line? Does that mean Goulburn, Yass, Collector etc? Probably, yeah. Does that mean any other capital city? Nope, sorry.

We will be accepting submissions of no more than 400 words for fiction and non-fiction
No more than 10 lines for poetry.

And small artworks! Send them too.

Send a maximum of 5 pieces and please include a very short bio. 20 words max. Feel free to include your age, website, Twitter address, or use it as a chance to write another 20 word piece. Micro!

All submissions will be notified of acceptance or rejection. Rejected submissions will be accompanied with a sentence-long piece of personalised feedback.

Send things with the subject line ‘Paperclip Submission’ to writetoscissorspaperpen at gmail dot com by the end of June. Any other Qs, ask away. Thank you!


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