In a few hours –four-ish to be almost precise, Something Else kicks off at The Bowl in Braddon. It’s looking huge. What we’re most excited about is that the kinds of collaboration that have occurred are varied and colourful: we have fashion designers, bloggers, musicians, illustrators, skywhales and poets. Here’s the line up, so you don’t miss your favourite act:

7PM – Open
7:17 – 7:25 – Hannah McCann: Skywhale
7:26 – 7:45 – Chrissy Higgins/Perpetually Five
7:47 – 8:00 – WORDOPERA – Varisht Gosain and JC Inman
8:15 – 8:20 – Samuel Townsend: Skywhale
8:21 – 8:30 – Aaron Kirby and ACT Comic Meet
8:31 – 8:36 – David Finnigan: Skywhale
8:40 – 9:00 – PANEL: Curatin’ the Collaboratin’ feat. Jeremy Staples, Emma Jeans and more…
We’ve linked the living daylights out of the above set list, but here’s a brief about some of the artists, and what’s going on:

The Bowl logoThe evening couldn’t happen without the support of our friends at The Bowl in Braddon.

We have three Canberra artists and bloggers taking to the stage to provide their narrative reportage concerning the Skywhale. Hannah McCann is a PhD candidate at the ANU. She’s pretty much the best tutor at the whole uni, and has an award to prove it. She’s also amazing with conversations about gender (see her blog) and Skywhale’s best friend. Samuel Townsend is a photographer who also once performed a multimedia cross-camera lip-synch to Iggy Pop and Peaches’ ‘Kick It’. David Finnigan is a playwright and festival curator, among other things. He is one part of Finnigan and Brother, a collaboration between spoken word and electric guitar.

Perpetually Five Final logoChrissy Higgins is a musician who, in light of being clad in Fashfest-featured designer Mitchell Thompson, whose label Perpetually Five looks something like this:Spoken word artist and writer Aaron Kirby has, over the past weeks, sent his poetry and short fiction to members of the ACT Cominc Meet. They have, in turn, illustrated these vignettes. One of them looks like this. You’ll have to come tonight to hear Aaron perform the words that inspired this illustration. If you really, really like an artwork on the night, you’re able to take it home after negotiating with the artist! The cost of the work ranges from a $20 to $120.

We have a WORDOPERA being performed by JC Inman and Varisht Gosain, which you can contribute to by visiting this link. Audience members will stand and read aloud different sections of an epic poem put together by a huge collection of poets from Canberra and surrounds.

Finally, we have a panel featuring one particularly amazing guest. His name is Jeremy Staples. He has a big stapler on his arm. He’s come from Toowoomba to run a zinemaking workshop at the NLA on the weekend, and on Friday night he’s also collaborated with us to put together this spectacular launch over at The Front.</P

Is this ridiculously huge? Yes. Do we have anyone else to thank? We do.

colour logo good

The ACT Writers Centre is sponsoring us: insuring our butts and providing us with wine from Zane Hills winery. In case you didn’t know, the Centre is currently offering free memberships to people under the age of 25. Not bad, hey. Get in there and grab yourselves a membership: you get a monthly magazine, movie tickets, discounts at Paperchain and Electric Shadows, and so much more. Call 6262 9191, or email admin@actwriters.org.au if you’d like to take up the offer.

ZaneHills LogoSee you tonight, 7pm, donation at the door.


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