You know how it says on the Reviewers of the Future flyer that SPP is supporting the venture? We’ve been housing a secret.

Scissors Paper Pen is offering two funded places for writers under 35 in Marion Halligan‘s Reviewers of the Future program. If you don’t know who Marion Halligan is, in summary, she is pretty much a famous writer who is also a reviewer and is also brilliant. You have one weekend to put together an application for one of these positions. Our selected scholarship recipients will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday, after 5pm.

What even is Reviewers of the Future? http://www.gormanhouse.com.au/site/what_s_on.php

What we’re giving you: Two selected applicants will have their places in the programme completely funded by Scissors Paper Pen. So instead of paying $200 to work with Marion Halligan and potentially have your reviews published in the Canberra Times, you’ll be paying zero dollars to learn some pretty irreplaceable skills that will pretty much ease you into the world of professional review writing at a ridiculously young age.

What you need to do:
You need to be under 35.
You need to like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our e-news by emailing us and saying ‘I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter’ so we can contact you always and forever. (@scissorpaperpen)
You need to attach in ONE Word doc the following:
A cover letter explaining why you want to be a part of the Reviewers of the Future program and what you hope to gain from the experience, and a maximum one page review or excerpt that has been published, including publication name and date, or a comparable piece of published writing.

Applications need to be emailed to writetoscissorspaperpen@gmail.com with the header ‘Reviewer Application’ by 5pm Monday, June 24th

Questions? Email us.


2 thoughts on “Funding Your Ability: Reviewers of the Future

    • Hi Nabin, you’re welcome to, but we’d advise you be in Canberra/based in Canberra! We are unable to cover travel costs — only the cost of the two workshops, which happen a month apart.

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