Here are SPP, we received a stack of applications for our bi-monthly writers residency, and we loved reading all of them. The ACT has some kicking young writers, and if you were unsuccessful this round, we’re keeping your application on tap for the next, at the end of October.

We’d like to introduce you to our first Writer in Residence, Joanna Pope, a Year Twelve student looking forward to commencing Life In The Real World next year, hopefully 16,061 kilometres away, in Berlin. It is on this threshold of change that she has also finally come to appreciate her home of Canberra and its particular breed of the secretly (or inadvertently) cool.

Joanna’s writing has, so far, seen the exploitation of creative outlets provided within the school community, abusing the rationales in her English assignments, and snatching the book voucher prizes of extra-curricular literary competitions whenever she can. A collection of these works can be found here. Joanna’s efforts in pioneering Internet narcissism can also be viewed on her tumblr.

Joanna will be sitting at Lonsdale Street Roasters some days over the coming two months: writing reviews, essays and interviews. You can follow her adventures on Twitter by following her around. We recommend clicking on that there link.


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