Two months has passed — which means Scissors Paper Pen has shuffled through our Writer in Residence applications and selected a new young writer to feature on our blog until the first week of January. Meet the excellent and wordtacular Erin McCullagh.

Erin has been living in Canberra for twelve years but still finds odd reasons to like the place, such as the amount of good places to eat Japanese food and the existence of small, hidden away cafes with tattooed baristas and attractive waiters.  She is studying international relations at ANU and will soon begin a degree in languages on top of this, at which point she will resign herself to the truth that she will be at university forever.  She enjoys writing short stories, odd chunks of poetry and has been trying out writing for blogs this year.

Diagnosed from a young age with a severe case of word vomit, she has managed to wade her way through school and two years of a university degree by spilling the contents of her brain onto paper and receiving passable marks for it.  She is also trying very, very hard to become fluent in Japanese so that she may take this talent to Japan and irritate all the polite Japanese people. To achieve this goal, she is spending the first seven months of next year in a cold and lonely part of Japan, trying to get by as a poor student with limited and (amusingly) incorrect Japanese language skills.  She one day dreams of becoming a famous author and meeting Don DeLillo and having his literary babies.

Erin will be sitting at Lonsdale Street Roasters some days over the coming two months: writing reviews, essays and interviews. You can follow her review writing and bookish adventures on her blog, 64 Books,  by visiting this link.


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