Dear Diary,

Today I quit cheese, he’s such a bitch to me and I’ve realised there are other things I can do at the mall. I’ve joined a Harry Potter chatroom but girls and dudes keep asling me. I’ve realised I want to be a lawyer fireman chess player journalist because I’m sick of people not understanding me. Also I think I’m adopted. My maths teacher had better stop giving me the stink-eye, because if she doesn’t I’m planning on toilet papering her house. I’ve been practising the lead for the school musical, but now I won’t sing it with cheese. What would the school know. Evanescence has the answers.

Nothing replaces that precious moment when you discover your old teenage diary, relive memories, and compare them to the dramatic reportage your teenage scrawl has immortalised in a lined journal with pictures of something cringey and nostalgic plastered all over the cover.

Allow Canberra’s radio personalities, actors, writers, business owners, artists and directors to share their awkward teenage revelations with you.

Join Scissors Paper Pen for a special edition of Something Else. There will be wine, merriment, company, cushions and teenage diaries. You and me behind the Bogong Theatre with a cigarette and some Baileys I stole from my parents’ liquor cabinet. Back off, it’s all they had. You don’t have to drink any if you don’t want.

Stay tuned to Facebook for Teen Diarist announcements!

Friday 13th December, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Bogong Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie Ave, Braddon


2 thoughts on “Something Else: Confessions of A Teenage Diary

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