Here’s a new thing Scissors Paper Pen is going to endeavour to do each week: radio notes! We talk about a lot of stuff  (and play a rad track or three) each week on the radio show, and it’s good to have a central repository (albeit a slapdash one) for all the links for interested parties, we figure! Plus it doubles as a solid weekly literary round-up. So, here ya go!

For this week’s show, Duncan chatted with Mandy King from the ACT Writers Centre, played some songs, spread some news and had some technical difficulties. YES.


ACT Writers Centre — bears repeating: plenty of great events coming up, and remember, you can get free membership if you’re under 25! BARGAIN OF THE YEAR!

Boulder Book Store — Mandy’s old store.

John Krakauer — voted by Mandy as Nicest Writer and Human Being Ever.

The Aurealis Awards — shortlist should be announced soon.

Check out the new Seizure website.

and the Digital Writers Festival program will be launched this Wednesday at 2pm!

The Canberra Zine Emporium and their Zine Machine want your zine goodness.

aaaaand get excited for You Are Here Festival, with their Indie Publishing Fair! Got something published you’d love to spruik at the fair?  Email them quicksmart.

Finally: applications for Paper Weights, our social justice writing program, close FEB 3. Get onto it!


Tatamae and Chocolate for Breakfast by Kid of Harith

Arietty (live) by Central West (and check out Local N Live for more great live recordings from around Canberra)!


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