This year, Scissors Paper Pen read through the most applications we have ever received for our annual Papercuts program. The quality of applicants was offensively high, which made it both an honour and a battle to select this year’s six review writers, who will be attending You Are Here festival, and ferociously penning reviews. Here they are:

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.43.16 PMGrace Flanagan is an undergraduate student at ANU who traditionally pens short-fiction. She’s been grabbed by an octopus and found $50 in the ocean. Her life’s goal is to perform a handstand unassisted.


A VCA Dance graduate and 2013 ArtStart recipient, Kelly Beneforti performs, teaches and choreographs in diverse contexts across the country. Originally from Darwin, she continues to spend time in urban and remote parts of the Northern Territory, notably with Tracks Dance Company. Kelly also maintains professional relationships in Tasmania and Melbourne. In Canberra, Kelly participated in the Soft Landing program with QL2 and last year performed in No Place, an immersive installation work by independent artist Adelina Larsson. This is Kelly’s first experience in review writing, however, she was involved in You Are Here in 2013 as a performer.


Coleman Grehan is a freelance theatre artist and music composer currently residing in Canberra, Australia. Born in Singapore and raised in Brisbane, he graduated from Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in 2012 and recently graduated from an internship with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre in 2013. He currently is studying a Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Arts at Australian National University. Coleman is currently devising a butoh/live-art piece entitled “HIM” to take up to Brisbane as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014.


Born and raised in Canberra, Dylan Slater always had two passions; writing and music. He pursued both throughout his schooling and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in the Performance Arts for his grades in music, and became a published author in the 2009 Lit Links creative writing anthology. Dylan recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Canberra, majoring in Journalism, Creative Writing, and Sociology. Dylan still pursues his passions, regularly contributing to Canberra based music review website Dirtygal.co and playing music whenever and wherever he can. His favourite book is Catch-22 and his favourite album is Disintegration.

colour run

Kathryn FordI am one of those twenty-somethings that can be found wandering around government buildings and cafes in Canberra. I adore art and a powerful film, book or show can light me up for days or turn me into an angsty mess ruminating over every melancholic moment.

I am stoked to check out some YAH events and see how this city moves during an arts festival. I feel sure that we will all be left equipped with the ability to defend ourselves from parasitic ear-entering Yeerks and gifted with mad dance skillz that can only be learned from dancing in the dark.


Isabella Edquist has been writing and dreaming in Canberra for a long time now, and is just waking up. In a past life she was an editor of Block Creative Journal and wrote her honours thesis on mess theory and the novels of Angela Carter. She now works with pictorial and moving image collections at AIATSIS and is completing her Master of Anthropology at ANU. After eating up so much Canberra goodness for so long, she decided it was time to give something back and share the You Are Here love around, and a little Papercuts reviewer was born.


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