It’s time to announce our next Writer in Residence. After an incredible number of applications, we’ve got a few announcements coming your way, but before any of them happen, the super-driven and super-clever Lizzie Fewster will be blogging for us over the next two months. You’ll be seeing her first post appear in a few weeks, and she’ll be writing all through National Young Writers Month this year.

Lizzie is a seventeen-year-old year twelve student, who despite being an atheist, is passionate about religion, philosophy, and ethical studies. Book worm by day (and usually night), she spends her free time dreaming of her soon-to-be freedom from her current educational institution, and keenly awaits university life in Melbourne. We asked Lizzie a few questions about what she reads, where she’s from, and what she’s going to do with her residency.

What corner of Canberra are you from, and what goes on there?

            I’m from the inner north, where not a lot goes on at all, which is why I like it here.

So now you’ve got this residency, what are you hoping to do with it?

            I’m hoping to get people talking about the role religion and philosophy plays in our lives and in society. I want to shed some light on different ways of looking at ethical issues and problems, compared to the usual media-fuelled mainstream discussion that goes on.

What do you worry about the most?
            If I’m ever going to work out what I want to do with myself.

Name a book that you put down a slightly different person after you’d finished the last page
            I think everything I’ve read by Kerouac, Bukowski, Salinger and Ginsberg made me a little of what I am today.

Online must-visits?
            No but I’ll start a tumblr for all my writing soon, stay tuned.


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