March is fast approaching, which means arts festival fever is nearly upon Canberra. Scissors Paper Pen is gearing up for You Are Here (and, for the first time, Noted!) and we know there will soon be ample impending opportunities for some shiny new arts reviews to be written. All this leaves us with only one choice: Papercuts is on again!

YAHlogo_600x600What is Papercuts? Scissors Paper Pen is running a review writing experience for SIX young Canberra writers during this year’s You Are Here and Noted festivals. We call it Papercuts. If you’ve been thinking about trying out review writing in a particular artistic area, or you want to work out a way to find some support and development for your own writing skills and endeavours, Papercuts is an awesome starting point. Past review writers have gone on to write for a huge variety of magazines, journals, websites and other publications, start their own writing-related projects and win national awards for their crazy-good reviewing and writing skills.

What you get: Review writers will have places put aside to attend You Are Here and Noted events they would most like to review, and/or to interview featured artists. Successful applicants will attend a two-hour training session with editors from the arts writing industry. Your work will be co-edited, and published on the Scissors Paper Pen blog, as well as potentially being featured on the Express Media Buzzcuts website, and in BMA magazine. Copyright remains yours, so it’s a great chance to start building your own blog/portfolio too. Please note: this is an unpaid opportunity, but we always try to make sure there are a few drinks, freebies and ongoing opportunities in it for our Papercuts reviewers.

Express MediaBecause of the brief life of You Are Here and Noted, writers will work to tight deadlines, and garner invaluable experience working with editors, learning to appreciate and articulate their own opinions, and working with other writers and artists. Most importantly, successful applicants will have the opportunity to see their words all polished and published.

Interested? Here’s what we need from you:

1. An application: Write us a cover letter that tells us about you and why you want to write reviews and interviews during You Are Here and Noted, and put it in the body of an email. Title the email ‘Papercuts 2015’ and include your age (applicants must be under 35 to be eligible and under 25 to have their work considered for publication on the Buzzcuts website) and a phone number.
2. An example of your work: attach it to the email. This can be a short published review you wrote of a book or gig, or an unpublished piece of non-fiction you typed up for a class once: we need to see your non-fiction guns.
3. We need you to have a bit of a look at You Are Here and Noted , and past year’s reviews so you know what you’re in for.

Applications are due by 11.59pm March 1st! Email applications to writetoscissorspaperpen@gmail.com. Successful applicants will be notified by March 4th, after which an email concerning the date of training, and other important information, will be sent out.


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