It’s time for Scissors Paper Pen to change: embrace the new, farewell the old (us), and resurge with creative energy and amazing events. We’re on the hunt for four new members to hand SPP over to, with lots of guidance, support, and beverages from us. If you’re young, you’re ambitious, you want to make things happen, you want to be part of a creative and self-guided team, you love the world of writing, you love Canberra, you’re going to be around for at least 12 months, and you love supporting and inspiring people, take a look at these sweet positions we’ve dreamed up.

Co-Directors x2 – all around wizards with lots of ideas.
Position description:

  • deciding what SPP is going to do, working with Events and Content coordinators to come up with projects and events
  • designing projects (e.g. workshop series) and working with the event and content coordinator to produce and market them.
  • working on funding applications and/or crowdfunding campaigns
  • talking to arts organisations about creating opportunities for young people (e.g. talking to established arts organisations about supporting a young writer in residence)
  • support other young people to develop and deliver their own events.

Event Coordinator – maestro of live stuff, comfortable wrangling humans and microphones.
Position description:

  • come up with ideas for events!
  • research who you want to speak/do things at events, contact them, tell them what you want them to do, check in with them about what they’re doing, help them out, make sure they know when to show up
  • booking venues and working with venue to make sure they know what you need (e.g. technical requirements)
  • working with Directors and content coordinator to promote the event (e.g. writing a marketing blurb, finding promo images, coming up with some marketing strategies)
  • managing artists at events (e.g. meeting them, telling them where to go, when they are on)
  • managing the door (e.g. taking entry money, counting it and banking it)
  • helping co-directors with funding initiatives

Content Coordinator – an editorial and social media oracle with writing chops.
Position description:

  • coming up with some projects for the SPP website and making sure there are regular posts
  • managing the Residency project (e.g. doing the call out, coordinating selection of the person, hooking the person up with an editor, talking to them about their writing)
  • social media for/at events
  • editing posts for the website
  • putting posts up on the website using WordPress system
  • helping co-directors with funding initiatives

I think there is a role missing here, and I want to put myself forward for it.
Let’s talk, because we love to hear that. Pitch it to us! What would the job involve? What skills do you want to get out of it? What skills do you already have for it? How will it grow you, and how will it support young and emerging writers and the SPP team you’d be part of?

No one at Scissors Paper Pen has ever been paid for the work we do here. We do it because we love it. In good news, our time with SPP has given us experiences, connections and opportunities that have led each of us to paid work. We’re also ready to support you in applying for grants and organising other funding opportunities.

I want to know more.
We would love to hear from you! The next step is to say hello. Email us at: writetoscissorspaperpen@gmail.com and we’ll send you all of the information about the skills we’re looking for in each position, and all the answers to every possible question about these roles.


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