For the new Scissors Paper Pen team this is a time of many introductions, coming up with fun new schemes and getting used to running established events. It’s also a time of crisp mornings, warm days with the chance of still getting sunburnt and of course the You Are Here festival (13-17th April). And if it’s time for the You Are Here festival, it’s Buzzcuts season!

For those of you who might be new to such events, Buzzcuts is an Express Media program that trains young writers and broadcasters in critical arts reviewing taking place at festivals around Australia. SPP have partnered up with Express Media in selecting and supporting this years reviewers who will be attending and writing about the You Are Here festival. Which is an independent arts organisation supporting artists and creative communities in the ACT to create experimental art and experiences. The festival is presented every year and is an entirely free 5 day curated showcase of independent and experimental arts in the Canberra CBD. Popping up in shopfronts, alleyways, cafes, streets, car parks, galleries, museums, cars. Have a look at the truly kick-ass 2016 program here.

Hence, we are excited to present Molly McLaughlin, Tom Campbell and Rose Maurice; the three Buzzcuts reviewers who shall be taking on the rewarding and illustrious task of reviewing the dynamic performances at the You Are Here festival. We eagerly await their reviews!

So here they are!

Molly McLaughlin


Molly McLaughlin is a freelance writer and passable Economics student from a small town in NSW. She writes for HerCanberra and has been published in Feminartsy, with work forthcoming in Demos and Woroni. She likes eavesdropping on public transport, cheese pizza and Instagram poets. She lives in Canberra, for now.

Tom Campbell 











Tom studies painting and sculpture at the school of art, where he continues to hope that he’ll eventually be prepared and on time for something. He’s fairly proud that he was once in charge of $10,000 and managed to not blow it all on avocados. If he had the time to spare, his interests would include memes about art, dancing to quality bangers and telling people how much he loves the musician Grimes.

Rose Maurice


Rose Maurice has a happy life surrounded by words. Rose graduated from the ANU with a degree in Literature and History and has worked in a bookshop and now works at the National Library of Australia. An amateur in performance poetry and short stories, Rose has a tendency to write poems on the back of receipts and in the covers of novels she is reading. She is happy to be writing reviews again for the You Are Here festival.


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