We have someone else we feel you should meet! Ready yourself to be delighted to make the acquaintance of Buzzcuts wiz, Camilla Patini. We thought you should definitely get to know her as she is putting in major effort to help edit and coordinate the Buzzcuts reviewers.

Camilla was the Buzzcuts Editor last year and she’s taking it on again! As the editor she of course edits the reviewers’ work, but also publishes it on the Buzzcuts and SPP websites, and coordinates who goes to which events. She’s the main point of contact for the writers during the program. Camilla will be assisting the Buzzcuts kids also with the hope that they might get their work published in BMA Magazine, who have agreed to consider the reviews for publication. She’s already provided the reviewers with writing advice at a workshop last week that was attended by our co director Cara and BMA editor Andrew Nardi.

Last year Camilla completed a 20,000-word thesis on Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement as part of her English Honours work. She wrote about the role of imagination and metafiction in the novel. She managed to scrape through a difficult year and get First Class Honours. She was the ANU Women’s Department Website Editor last year as well. Her writing has been published in Verity La, Woroni, and Lip Magazine. She has been an ACT Writer’s Centre Blogger in Residence. This year she would like to get some writing done, maybe long-form non-fiction as well as continue writing about books. She works at the National Library of Australia and if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate she’s taking some art classes at the ANU School of Art. She wants to learn how to sew this year! Camilla is currently studying for an MA in Art History and is Assistant Editor at Feminartsy.

Camilla is a vital part of the Buzzcuts program and we are tres grateful to have her on board again. Watch this space, as we are sure she’ll continue to do great work in Canberra.


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