Did you slip a blank ballot paper in the box last election? Or did you draw something offensive – a big cock-and-balls, for instance – on the printed paper before you put it in the slot? Perhaps you are a cynic, and prefer to cast a donkey vote?

How many people have you met recently who have given up sugar? Do you feel the urge? Has someone spooked you with the phrase ‘under-insured’?

Did they forget to leave the light on for you?

If this is familiar, then we are for you. We meet spontaneously. Anyone can propose a meeting; no one is obliged turn up. Behave however you want. Talk. Chant. Shout. Interrupt. Sing. Dance.

Or don’t.

Break things, if you wish. Start fights. No one will judge.

Weather permitting, we burn effigies (effigies are provided at your own expense).There is no mandatory irony requirement for placards. Take this as seriously as you need to. People who are not members are members, by default. Invite anyone.

Things we don’t do: lobby politicians; put into action any ideas; vote on issues; seek consensus.

What we do: feel things strongly; overindulge; share war stories.

Please come along.



Lesley Boland has had poetry, short stories and articles published in journals and anthologies, including Quadrant, Block, First, Burley, Winds of Change, and lip magazine.  She is also an editor for Blemish Books, a Canberra-based small press. With Blemish Books she has edited three collections of poetry, three novellas and an anthology of fictocriticism. Her unpublished novel, ‘The Lesser’, was selected for HARDCOPY, a manuscript development program run by the ACT Writers Centre, in 2015.

You can read more of her work here and here.

Feature image sourced from this random place.

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