I am not one for marching into the street

Gather my thoughts on the dry lime settee

I have other things on my mind

Gather my thoughts and hail the bus to motionless grind

I’d like to think I could be inspired

But I am insipid and wretched my opinions equivocal

And I am the same as all others

Gather my paycheck and avoid discontent

I motion languished at all four corners on my TV

Surely, ‘the voice’ is on

Quieten down with that talkback nonsense

What does politics have to do with a good time?


Tick is a Melbourne based writer who’s prone to speaking in mumbles. He’s apathetic about deadlines and often doesn’t complete projects, but he’s interested in spontaneous prose and American beat literature. His work often focuses on the despondency that exists in the youth of today but he prophesies the coming of a literary upheaval that will inspire a generation of neo-beats to political interest and revolution.

Feature image found here.

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