Scissors Paper Pen is looking for some new folks to join the team and help us make lit happen in Canberra –  specifically two word nerds to fill the roles of Co-director and Content Coordinator.

Co-Director – Someone with lots of ideas and who can get things done.

Position description:

  • working with the team to come up with projects and events
  • designing projects (e.g. workshop series) and working with the event and content coordinator to produce and market them.
  • working on funding applications and/or crowdfunding campaigns
  • talking to arts organisations about creating opportunities for young people (e.g. talking to established arts organisations about supporting a young writer in residence)
  • support other young people to develop and deliver their own events.

Content Coordinator – An editorial oracle with writing chops.

Position description:

  • coming up with some projects for the SPP website and making sure there are regular posts
  • managing the writer-in-residence project (e.g. doing the call out, coordinating selection of the person, hooking the person up with an editor, talking to them about their writing)
  • editing posts for the website
  • putting posts up on the website using WordPress system
  • helping the Co-directors with funding initiatives. 

THE BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is this paid? No one at Scissors Paper Pen has ever been paid for the work we do here. We do it because we love it. In good news, our time with SPP has given us experiences, connections and opportunities that have led each of us to paid work. We’re also ready to support you in applying for grants and organising other funding opportunities.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! The next step is to say hello. Email us at writetoscissorspaperpen@gmail.com with a CV outlining your relevant experience, and a statement about what skills you’d bring to the SPP team and why you’re keen to join us. Feel free to ask us any questions as well! Applications are due 5pm, 27 January.


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