Scissors Paper Pen is an award-winning literary collective, founded in 2011 with the support of a Write in Your Face grant from Express Media. The collective was conceptualised by Rosanna Stevens, and developed with the support of Duncan Felton, James Fahy, Adelaide Rief and Lucy Nelson. Since its earliest events, Scissors Paper Pen has worked with a vision to support young and emerging writers under the age of 35 in the ACT region.

The collective holds a strong belief in writers from the ACT and surrounds, and offer a space for writers to grow their voices by presenting opportunities for development, networks and publication. Scissors Paper Pen was the 2011 and 2012 Winner of Express Media’s best new project or work by a young person or young people in the ACT, and the recipient of a 2013 Canberra Critics Circle Award.

Who We Are

Gabriela Falzon – co-Director 


Gabriela Falzon is a poet, activist and performer. She is currently an arts student at ANU majoring in sociology and gender studies. Gabriela has performed in various plays with Canberra Youth Theatre and Street Theatre and has also played original music in Canberra cafes and bookshops for a number of years. Gabriela was recently featured on a track by Sydney artist Bronte that was included on a compilation album called ‘Say Yes to Love’. She has been a primary organiser for various political campaigns; fighting for Palestinian rights, refugee rights, gender equality, workers’ rights and student rights. Gabriela participates regularly in Canberra poetry slams and has performed poetry at Art Not Apart, on NBC radio, at the Canberra slam final and as a feature artist in Wollongong for National Young Writers Month. Demos Journal, The ANU Women’s Department, Feminartsy and The Canberra Times have accepted her work for publication. She has previously worked for NBC radio, running a segment on politics, society and the arts community as well as for MLA Yvette Berry as an adviser and speechwriter. She has been accused of thinking that the world is made of poems.

Cara Foster – co-Director

Cara Foster

Cara Foster is the co-founder and former editor of Burley literary journal. She has also been an editor for Block Journal and the Cambridge Review of International Affairs, a general wordsmith for the Frocktober Canberra charity campaign, a marketing officer for Corinbank Festival and the publicity director for The Cambridge Globalist.

Rachael Nielsen – Content co-Coordinator 


Rachael Nielsen has a Bachelor of Writing from the University of Canberra and has had the good fortune to be able to attend a summer school program at Oxford University where she studied literature at an advanced level. Rachael has interned/volunteered at the M16 Artspace, the National Library (in the publications department) and at the ANU Press. She has written content for blogs, like Pepe’s Paperie and has recently taken to writing poetry. Rachael has also been on the radio where she spoke about being an emerging writer. Currently she is Assistant Editor for Grapple Publishing as well as penning nasty little predictions for Verity La as part of her work writing The Stars. When she isn’t pouring her latent bile into The Stars she is at CIT pondering library studies. Rachael often writes about feminist issues but is also fixated on short stories. Her work has been published by Curio, Woroni, Lip, Vegan ACT, the ACT Writers Centre, the ANU Women’s Department and Feminartsy.

Roan Scott – Content co-Coordinator 

Slack for iOS Upload

Roan Scott is a Canberra born writer and student, currently studying a Bachelor of Policy Studies with a major in Gender at ANU after completing a year of a Bachelor of Gender and Diversity at UC. They have previously also studied Mental Health and Sound Production at CIT. They have regularly written on their blog about their experiences with mental illness and feminism from 2013, and have contributed a number of non fiction pieces on topics such as mental illness, politics and sexuality to Lip Magazine beginning in 2014. More recently they have conducted interviews with local Canberra artists and written reviews of local Canberra shows, also for Lip Magazine. Their non writing achievements include helping to set up the Youth in ACTion Suicide Prevention Network in Canberra in 2013, and being active President of Rainbow UC, the University of Canberra’s queer society, in 2015. They are an active and enthusiastic audience member at a variety of local arts events, and can’t wait to connect and collaborate over the coming year as part of the SPP team.

Jane Sisley – Events Coordinator 

Jane S

Jane currently has blue hair and works in a pre-school. She is currently collaborating on a comic book about a bunch of shape-changing hippy-warriors who fight (and some times unite) the forces of darkness; helping organise an experience at Art, Not Apart with her wonderful pre-school colleagues that explores a cyclical relationship between sound, music and art making; and trying to come up with a better storytelling project for her students than the book of fables they wrote last year (this last one will be the most difficult to pull off. It was called ‘How to Eat a Crocodile’, and it was brilliant). Jane recently took a series of quizzes on Facebook so that she has even more things that she can tell you about herself… Her aura colour is greenish; in the Harry Potter universe she’d marry Remus Lupin; if she were a Muppet she’d be a Snowth; based on her fingernail shape she’s “laid-back and a little bit quiet”; that she has, in fact, read “too much” poetry; her personality should be summed up by a hilarious GIF of Kanye West mid-sneeze; her home is “Not at all hipster” (an outrageous lie); that a quiz cannot guess how old she is by showing her pictures of adorable animals; she should hook up with a Canadian Prime Minister; and that she is “VERY” obsessed with tea. Jane has no idea how any of this new knowledge could actually benefit her, or others, but she is willing to find out.

Prior Pen People

Alice Grundy (Storytelling)

Andrew Galan (Poetry, Debate)

Anthony Eaton (Panel)

Ashley Orr (Storytelling)

Bronwen Manger (Poetry)

The Burley Griffin (Music)

Cara Foster (Storytelling)

Cathy Petocz (Music)

Chris Endrey (Debate)

Daddy Issues artists (Live Art)

David Henley (Panel)

David Pope (Panel)

Drew Walky (Music)

Eleri Mai Harris (Debate)

Hal Judge (Poetry)

Impro ACT (Impro)

Irma Gold (Storytelling)

Jacqueline Bradley (Panel)

Jessie George (Music)

Julian Fleetwood (Panel)

Julia Johnson (Music)

Julia Winterflood (Debate)

Lydia Monzo (Music)

Mia Ching (Panel)

Michaela McGuire (Panel)

Nigel Featherstone (Panel)

Randall Stephens (Poetry)

Rafe Morris (Music)

Reuben Ingall (Music)

Samuel Townsend (Debate)

Susannah Helman (Panel)

Will Small (Poetry)

Women of Letters

Yolande Norris (Panel)

Vanessa Little (Panel)

Zoe Konovalov (Poetry)

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